What are the benefits of White Cambodian Flowers?

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What are the benefits of White Cambodian Flowers?

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KANGJO.NET, Kelua City of Tabalong. White frangipani flower with the Latin name Plumeria. Immortalized after the name of a French botanist named Charles Plumier as the first person to discover this plant while traveling to the New World America in the 16th century. No wonder this flower is found in tropical America. At first glance, if you look at this flower, it is just a perennial ornamental plant that has beautiful flowers to look at, with a scattering of its soft, luxurious fragrance, a combination of the fragrance of dahlia, jasmine and roses. Meanwhile, many do not know that the main benefit of this plant is in the flowers.

This flower is useful for preventing various types of diseases including, rheumatism or gout, relieve fever, stop coughing, and so on. Therefore many people use this flower as medicine or traditional ingredients that are efficacious for the health of the body. In addition, this flower fragrance can be used as a mixture of soap, insect repellent, and perfume. For those of you who want to know what are the benefits and efficacy of this white frangipani flower, here are the benefits.


1. Treat boils

The first efficacy of white frangipani can help you treat boils or red bumps on the skin. The content in this flower is efficacious for preventing or treating ulcers which are generally located on the buttocks. Therefore, you can consume this flower as a traditional ulcer medicine.


2. Overcoming swelling

Swelling is one of the five cardinal features of inflammation, along with pain, heat, redness, and dysfunction. Therefore, if you often experience swollen wounds from falling or bumping, you can overcome them by using this white frangipani flower as a natural remedy that cures swelling.


3. Remove moles

Another benefit of this flower is getting rid of moles. You can try it this way, 1 stalk of this flower then take the sap, then apply it slowly to your mole. Do it many times until your mole disappears by itself.


4. As an anti-inflammatory

White frangipani flowers also have very powerful properties to prevent inflammation or inflammation in the body. The content of flavonoids in this flower is useful to help treat internal wounds due to inflammation.


5. Treat toothache

The other benefits of this flower help you maintain healthy teeth. The function of the teeth is to chew food. In order for your teeth to stay healthy, you can use this flower to maintain the health of your teeth. This is what makes it good for consumption.


6. Treat gonorrhea

White frangipani flowers can also help you to treat sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea. You can treat it with this flower. The trick is to boil this flower with 2 cups of water until it boils and then drink it once a day.


7. Prevent skin disease

Other properties of this flower can help prevent skin irritation caused by bacteria. Skin diseases are classified as diseases that are easily transmitted. Therefore, it can be prevented by doing herbal treatment using this flower.


8. Remove warts

The benefits of this flower can also be used to remove warts. This method is the same as removing a mole, but you have to be careful because the sap of this flower is very sharp and can injure the skin, so don't get it on other parts of the skin when using it.


9. Maintain skin elasticity

This flower provides a natural sensation that can keep your skin condition moist because the content of Vitamin E and emoline is useful for adding nutrients to the skin so that the skin will look elastic and soft. This is what makes it good for consumption.


10. As an antibiotic drug

This flower has an antibiotic content which is useful as a medicine for infections caused by bacteria. Therefore you can consume this flower to stop the development of harmful bacteria or microorganisms that are in the body. You can consume it regularly.

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