What are the benefits of Red Bananas?

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What are the benefits of Red Bananas?

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What are the benefits of Red Bananas?

KANGJO.NET, Kelua City of Tabalong. As reported by https://hot.liputan6.com. Red Banana is a type of banana that is quite special. There are more than 1,000 varieties of bananas worldwide. Red banana is a type of banana that can be found in Southeast Asia.

This banana has a distinctive red skin appearance. Red bananas have a mild taste and are sweeter when ripe. Red bananas are rare. This banana turns out to have a nutritional content that is different from other bananas.

Red bananas provide many important nutrients and can benefit the immune system, heart health and digestion. Red bananas are especially rich in potassium, vitamin C, vitamin B6, antioxidants and contain sufficient amounts of fiber.

Red bananas are smaller and sweeter than yellow bananas. Red bananas can be a very healthy snack or food mix. Here are 10 Benefits of Red Bananas Summarized by Liputan6.com from various sources, Monday (15/6/2020).


1.Rich in antioxidants

Red bananas have a higher amount of antioxidants than yellow bananas. The main antioxidants in red bananas include carotenoids, anthocyanins, vitamin C, and dopamine. Antioxidants in red bananas offer protective benefits regarding the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer.


2.Help control blood sugar

Red bananas tend to be low on the glycemic index which is safe for diabetics. The low glycemic index of red bananas also helps in the steady release of sugar into the bloodstream. High fiber also helps control blood sugar. Red bananas also inhibit the activity of α-amylase and α-glucosidase, enzymes involved in glucose synthesis.

3.Help purify blood

Antioxidants and vitamins in red bananas can improve blood quality and hemoglobin count. Red bananas contain Vitamin B-6 which helps in breaking down protein and forming red blood cells. Red bananas can also increase energy and immunity.


4.Help control blood pressure

Red bananas are rich in potassium, an essential mineral for regulating blood pressure. Research shows that eating more potassium-rich foods can help lower blood pressure. Another important mineral for blood pressure control is magnesium. One small red banana provides about 8% of the daily requirement for this mineral.


5.Healthy eyes

Red bananas contain carotenoids which give them a red color. Carotenoids are known for their benefits for eye health. Lutein and beta carotene are two carotenoids in red bananas that support eye health. Lutein can help prevent age-related macular degeneration. While beta carotene can be converted into vitamin A which is very important for eye health.


6.Support immunity

Red bananas are rich in vitamins C and B6. These nutrients are very important for the immune system. Vitamin C boosts immunity by strengthening immune system cells preventing infection. While vitamin B6 helps the production of white blood cells and immune antibodies.


7.Healthy digestion

Red bananas support the digestive system in a number of ways. This type of banana contains prebiotics which feed good gut bacteria. The prebiotics in bananas can reduce bloating, increase the production of good bacteria, and reduce constipation. Red bananas are also rich in fiber which supports regular bowel movements and reduces inflammation in the intestines.


8.Help weight loss

Red bananas are relatively low in fat and calories but very high in fiber. Fiber helps increase satiety and prevent weight gain. Fiber also improves gut bacteria and reduces inflammation. This reduces the risk of obesity and other related diseases, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disorders.

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