What are the Benefits of Peanut Skins?

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What are the Benefits of Peanut Skins?

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KANGJO.NET, Kelua City of Tabalong. Have you ever imagined using peanut shells for something? For example to improve health? It seems that the majority of people have never imagined something like this. Because usually the peanut shells are thrown away. The reason is, what is eaten anyway is the peanut seeds.

The peanuts that are being talked about here are, of course, peanuts. The structure of this type of nut does have a thick and hard skin like a shell. Meanwhile, what is meant by peanut shell can refer to two things, namely: the epidermis (thin skin) and shell skin (outer skin).

For the epidermis of course its use is still tolerated. People still want to eat peanut shells, even though they are said to cause acne. But on the other hand, there is an opinion that peanut shells are good for improving mood. From what used to be bad mood to a good mood.

Utilization of peanut shells for health does not depend on the epidermis. But on the skin of the shell. This hard structure that is usually discarded apparently secretly harbors abundant benefits for the body. As described below:


1. Can Eliminate Tartar

This is the benefit of peanut shells that are truly unique. Usually a person has to do scaling to remove tartar. A proven effective scaler tool can clean plaque and tartar. It is even said that prying your own tartar with the help of a sharp object like a needle, for example, is dangerous.

But now for those who have limited access to the dental practice clinic. There are ways that are not common but proven to be effective in removing tartar. Namely with the help of peanut shells. At first, peanut shells weighing 50 grams were boiled with clean water. Boil until boiling. Let stand until the heat is reduced. Dip the toothbrush into the skin cooking water earlier. Then the toothbrush is used to scrub the surface of the teeth that have tartar. Do this routine every day. Until the coral is completely gone.


2. To Lower Cholesterol

Cholesterol is everyone's enemy. Cholesterol disease can be fatal if left unchecked because it will trigger a stroke. People with high cholesterol also often have headaches. Innate weakness and body aches. To lower cholesterol, it turns out that the benefits of peanut shells are very powerful.


3. Cure Uric Acid

The benefits of peanut shells are also good for curing gout. For those who often have uric acid relapses, you can try boiled peanut shell water. Although the taste is not good, but many have tried and succeeded. It is better to choose peanuts that are still young, so they taste much better.


4. Contains Calcium

Calcium is a very important mineral for the body. Its function is to strengthen bones and teeth so they are solid and not brittle. It turns out that calcium is very much contained in peanut shells. It's a shame when the skin is removed. Hopefully there will be a breakthrough in the field of food technology, to be able to process peanut shells to make it more delicious.


5. Has Potassium Levels

In addition, peanut shells also contain potassium which is good for muscle health. Makes muscles flexible and not tense anymore. The benefits of the skin from peanuts are suitable for the elderly who have weak muscle flexibility.


6. Contains Manganese

Manganese is very good for bone health. As with calcium and phosphorus, manganese functions to support the bone structure so that it remains strong. The benefits of peanut shells that contain manganese continue to be developed by research. So that in the future, the manganese mineral in peanut shells can really be used widely.


7. Has zinc content

In addition, it turns out that the properties of peanut shells also contain zinc. Do you know what zinc is? This is a mineral that is good for the growth and strength of the hair roots. Can prevent bald and damaged hair.


8. Contains Iron

The benefits of peanut shells also contain iron. Its so good for the body. Iron deficiency disease is dangerous. Causing anemia. For that, a person must immediately increase the levels of iron in the body. For example, with the consumption of this peanut skin.


9. Has Sodium Levels

Sodium is also found in peanut shells. The benefits of sodium can make the body strong. Prevents goiter and autoimmune diseases.

10. Can Produce Electrolyte (Electricity)

Behind the peanut shells contain electrolytes which can be good electrical energy for the body.


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