What are the Benefits of Corn Husk?

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What are the Benefits of Corn Husk?

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KANGJO.NET, Kelua City of Tabalong. Corn is a plant that is very familiar to most of us. Corn is usually cultivated by farmers to take the seeds, the seeds can be used as raw materials for snacks or other foods. While corn husks or corn husks are usually thrown away by corn farmers, or sometimes they are dried and used as raw materials for crafts and cigarette packs. But you need to know that the skin of the fruit that is loved by birds and chickens has many health benefits.

Corn contains quite a lot of calories. Every 100 grams of corn there are about 342 calories contained in it. Corn also contains fiber which is useful in maintaining the body's metabolism and digestive system. Corn also contains various types of vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin E and B vitamins which are good for the skin. In addition to fiber and vitamins, it turns out that corn also contains high antioxidants, these antioxidants are useful for preventing the growth of cancer cells and preventing the emergence of Alzheimer's disease. Corn husks also contain fiber, vitamins and antioxidants, although the amount is less than the seeds. The benefits contained in corn husks include:


1. Brighten the face

It turns out that the skin, which tends to be rough in texture, is also useful as a mask. Corn husk contains vitamin C which can be used to whiten the face. The skin will experience good regeneration so that it can make you look younger. The trick is to choose a young skin, grate the contents of the corn but don't get to the cob, grind the grated contents together with the corn husks, then use it as a mask and let it dry. To get maximum results use this mask about once a week.


2. Avoid the appearance of pimples

In addition to brightening the face, corn husk masks can also be used to prevent pimples from appearing. For those of you who have problems with acne, especially on the face, it's a good idea to try to make a mask from this corn husk. Likewise, if used as a facial brightener, to get maximum results, use this mask once a week.


3. Treat high blood pressure

To treat high blood pressure, boil 7 pieces of corn with their skins and add one handful of corn silk to 110 ml of hot water. Consumption of these ingredients regularly and regularly. Seeds, skin, and corn silk can stabilize heart performance and increase blood circulation.


4. Treat gallstones

Boiled water from the contents along with corn husks can treat gallstones. The trick is to boil 5 corns along with the skin with 110 ml of water, to get maximum results mix it with cat's whiskers leaves. If the water is boiling, strain the water and drink enough corn boiled water.


5. Prevent kidney stones

In corn husks there is fiber which is able to clean toxins and nitrate compounds in the kidneys so that they can prevent kidney stones.


6. Increases blood clotting ability

Corn husk fiber contains vitamin K which can increase blood clotting ability. Clotting of the blood is very functional so as not to experience heavy bleeding and is accompanied by excessive blood loss in the event of an injury.


7. Control diabetes

Diabetes can occur because the production of insulin in the body is not balanced. The fiber in corn husk can control the occurrence of diabetes because it can lower blood sugar levels in the body.


8. Lower cholesterol

The fiber in corn husk is very beneficial for health, one of which is that it can lower cholesterol. Corn fiber can expel cholesterol that has accumulated in the arteries and will throw it out thereby lowering cholesterol.


9. Healthy digestion

Corn husk fiber can also be healthy for digestion because it plays a role in increasing the production of healthy digestive juices, so that it can nourish digestion and can increase appetite.


10. Healthy bladder

This corn husk fiber has another benefit, which is to nourish the bladder. This fiber can treat bladder infections, because it can kill certain microbes that can interfere with the health of the bladder.


11. Prevent heart disease

Corn husk fiber can control excessive cholesterol and fat in the human body, so that it can help prevent heart disease and those related to the heart.

To experience the benefits of corn husks on this one, choose corn that is young and fresh so that the content in it is still maximized. As for how to process corn husk fiber so that it can be useful, you can cook it for consumption, or grind it to get liquid, or also boil it in hot water to get the liquid too.

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