What Are the Benefits of Avocado Skins?

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What Are the Benefits of Avocado Skins?

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KANGJO.NET, Kelua City of Tabalong. Most people know the fruit Avocado as a fruit that is rich in benefits. Usually, this fruit, which has other names as apricot and avocado, is only used for its pulp, seeds and leaves. But without realizing it, we forget about another part of this avocado which also has many health benefits, namely the avocado skin.

Without thinking long, we often throw away the avocado skin and even the green flesh because it tastes bitter. However, this part actually also has properties that are no less great than the flesh of the fruit. The benefits of this fruit peel include:

1. Anti irritation

The first benefit of avocado skin is as an anti-irritant. If you experience irritation due to the use of cosmetics, immediately take this fruit skin and make a mask. In addition, this one fruit peel is also effective for dealing with irritation in babies due to diaper rash.

2. Eliminate Acne and Scars

Women with oily skin will develop pimples faster than women with dry skin, because there is more fat accumulation in the skin. Avocado skin contains high levels of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and antibacterial compounds, where these ingredients will work to get rid of pimples and their scars permanently, so that these two problems will not reappear.

3. Thrush medicine

Who would have thought that avocado skin could cure canker sores. Apparently, the content of vitamins in this fruit skin can reduce canker sores simply by scraping the inside of the green skin and sticking it on your canker sores.

4. Smooth urination

Avocado skin tastes chelating, and is not toxic. This is useful for spending urine. The results of pharmacological studies show that this fruit rind has the ability to dissolve the urinary tract or a diuretic effect.

5. Protects Skin From Sun Exposure

Keeping the skin moist, especially the face, cannot be done easily, especially if you often do activities outside the room. When the sun is hot, you don't need to hide from the sun anymore, just by using avocado skin as a routine care. The skin of this fruit, which is often discarded, is actually able to keep the skin moist so that facial skin is not easily hydrated or dry due to lack of fluids or due to exposure to it.

6. Maintain Skin Moisture

Not only able to protect the skin from sunlight, the benefits of avocado skin when used as a mask is to keep the skin moist. Unlike the effect of using lotion which only temporarily moisturizes the skin, the effect of using apricot skin can last quite a long time and does not disappear even when splashed with water.

7. Disguise Fine Lines And Wrinkles

Living in the modern era will not be separated from exposure to free radicals. Free radicals can come from pollution, tobacco, and radiation waste. If it enters the body, free radicals will trigger chemical reactions and damage cell membranes, proteins, and even DNA, thus triggering premature aging.

Apart from drinking plenty of water, getting enough rest and consuming fruits and vegetables with the addition of avocado peels in your treatment will make your face look younger for longer.

8. Remove dirt and dead skin cells

Every day, the body is exposed to dust and also produces dead skin. If not cleaned regularly, the dust and dead skin cells will cause black spots on the face which are very difficult to remove. This can be easily overcome by using avocado skin because the ingredients in it can provide nutrition to the skin, absorb oil and dirt without drying it and remove dead skin cells and make the skin feel smoother.

9. Brighten the face

Carrying out daily activities without using make up is impossible for women. There will be no self-confidence for a woman who comes out without make up on her face. However, the reality is that excessive use of make up has bad side effects for your facial skin. Among them faster face dull.

To avoid this, you can start using avocado skin as a facial blush to keep it looking fresh so it's pleasing to the eye.

So, after we talked a lot about the benefits of avocado skin above, will you throw away this one fruit skin? If you usually throw away the skin of the fruit and use the fruit as a mask, from now on change your mindset.

Instead of making a delicious fruit mask, it's better to just use the skin of the fruit and process the flesh as a cholesterol-lowering juice. The trick, separate the avocado from the skin until it is completely clean. Clean with water then mash or can be mashed with a blender. After that, smooth it on your face. For maximum results, you can add honey or olive oil. Rinse if the mask is dry. Apart from avocado peels, there are other fruit skins which would be a shame if you just throw them away because they have great benefits for the body.


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